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Brochure Design

Brochure Design & Postcard Design at Affordable Prices

You’ve got information that needs to be presented in a professional, concise manner. So, how do you do it? How about a customized brochure design from Inspired Design and Graphics! We can present your information in a variety of formats, from 3 and 4 panel brochures to booklets and even single-page flyers. Information doesn’t have to be boring. Spice it up with a custom brochure design from Inspired Design and Graphics! We’ve been serving customers in Huntsville, Birmingham, Decatur, Athens and Cullman Alabama since 1999 with our brochure and postcard design services.  We also offer print brokering to get you some of the best printing prices around for your advertising materials.


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Marketing brochure design for a local printing company in Decatur, Alabama

When we design your brochure or postcard…

When designing a brochure (or postcard) for our clients we offer 2-3 concepts for the cover of the brochure and submit them for review. The customer then selects their desired concept. Then we implement the “motif” from that design to the content for the rest of the brochure. The customer is responsible for the verbiage of the brochure. Copy writing is available through Inspired Design and Graphics for an additional fee. Once the design is completed it is forwarded to the customer in pdf format for editing and proofing. Click to get a free download of Adobe Reader so you can read PDFs. The customer is responsible for proofreading. Additional fees for multiple revisions are sometimes taken into consideration. Once the final design is approved by the customer we will upload the necessary files to the printer of your choosing. (We have special pricing available on printing for all of our valued customers. If you do not have your own printing company secured we can get printing prices for you.)

What’s the price range for brochure design & postcard design?

Prices for brochure design (two-sided, three panel brochure design) start at $300. Postcard design starts at $175 (one-sided postcard design). When bundled with a printing purchase (through our print brokering service) we offer even lower prices. Call 256-773-6508 for more details.

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