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Technical Illustration

Serving your technical illustration needs

“Line art, line renderings, product illustration, sketches, drawings, technical illustration.” There are a variety of names given to the artwork created by our staff illustrator for our customers. The need for product illustration is not always clearly understood, but there are times when a regular photograph doesn’t show the important details of a product. Technical Illustration (i.e. Product Illustration) by Inspired Design and Graphics is the solution to this problem. Our illustrations are usually a much better depiction of the customer’s product as it is being used across a variety of print and web mediums versus photography.

We have over 15 years of experience in creating line art, sketches, and technical drawings. We use the powerful Adobe Illustrator program for our renderings. We’ve served the illustration needs of customers in Huntsville, Decatur, Athens and Birmingham, Alabama. A huge assortment of our renderings can be found at under their PRODUCTS tab. You may also view other samples of our work online at (As you can tell, we know a thing or two about illustrating wire and cable product!)


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The Product Illustration Process

The customer supplies us with a photograph of the product that needs illustration work. If no photo exists, the actual product can be sent directly to us. The image is drawn in Adobe Illustrator. All details of the product are drawn using state-of-the-art technology. The artwork is created in a vector format. It is then saved in a variety of user-friendly formats. The final product is scalable. So, the illustration can be greatly enlarged or reduced without loss of detail (unlike photographs). Thus, the illustration can be used for a giant billboard or for a small business card without concern for detail loss or blurring of edges.

The photos below show the BEFORE and AFTER of our work.

Photograph that will be converted into a technical illustration

Photo supplied by the client to be transformed into an illustration

Finished technical illustration work after drawing the product in Adobe Illustrator

Finished illustration, created in Adobe Illustrator


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