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Logo Designs to fit your budget

Inspired Design and Graphics can handle all of your Logo Design needs. We’ve been designing logos for businesses and ministries for over 17 years. Your company’s logo is VERY IMPORTANT. It is the “first impression” of your company to the general public. So, using an experienced Designer for your Logo project is a must. We’ve created Logo Designs for businesses and manufacturers in Decatur, Huntsville, Birmingham and Athens, Alabama. We’ve also created logos for dozens of ministries and organizations across the United States. We have the experience needed to ensure your logo appeals to the masses. Below are some examples of logo designs we’ve created for our customers.


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Logo Design for Businesses, Organizations & Ministries


How Our Logo Design Process Works:

When you request a logo design from Inspired Design and Graphics we will submit 5-10 concepts for you to review. Once you have decided on a specific concept we then allow for 2 sets of revisions. Once the logo is finalized you will receive a ZIP file containing the logo in a wide variety of file formats.

What Happens After the Logo Design is Chosen?

When the final logo is chosen, many of our Inspired customers use our LAYOUT SERVICES. We can create custom designed business cards, envelopes and letterheads using your newly designed logo. Layout packages for business cards, letterheads and envelopes start at $50 each. Bundle your logo design with our Layout Packages for greater savings.

What will a Logo Design Cost?

There are so many Logo Design companies on the internet now. You will see some of them offering their designs at extremely low prices. The question is “What should a Professional Logo Cost?” Remember, your company logo is a highly important “first impression” that you project to future customers. This fact alone should remind you of the major importance and value that should be placed on the design. If you go to a budget website for a “cheap” logo design, it’s quite possible that your company will appear “cheap” and low-budget. Sure, you saved a couple of hundred dollars on the design, but does your logo represent you well? Or, does it have a negative impact?

Having said all of that, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our logo designs can be. Design packages start at $200-$250. Don’t forget, you can bundle the Logo Design with the business card, envelope and letterhead layouts for extra savings. We also offer print brokering services to our valued customers. In this way you can bundle your logo, business card layouts and printing into one “package price”. Give us a call today at 256-773-6508 for a package quote.

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