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Logos, Bookcovers, Brochures, Product Illustration, Postcard Design


Inspired Design and Graphics (IDAG) first opened its doors as a Graphic Design service in May of 1999 when we received our first substantial job…a 24-page, monthly ministry magazine that had a readership of 250,000 people. Since that time, our range of customers has grown to include manufacturers, businesses, and organizations as well as ministries. We have served the graphic design needs of local clients in Huntsville, Decatur, Athens and Hartselle, Alabama but have in no way been limited to a local market. We serve customers across the continental United States from Miami, Florida to Brooklyn, New York to Las Vegas, Nevada…and all places in between.


Graphic Design Services:

We are a full-service graphic design firm located in Hartselle, Alabama, specializing in Logo design, book cover & CD design, postcard & flyer design, brochure design, website design & hosting, and product illustration. Though we make our home in “small town Alabama” word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers has helped us branch out into markets well outside of our immediate area. Here is a small list of Businesses and Ministries that use our services on an on-going basis:


Advanced Digital Cable – Hayesville, NC; Phoenix Consultants – Huntsville, AL; Trillium Wire and Cable – Phoenix, AZ; ABR Industries – Houston, TX; Cerrowire – Hartselle, AL & Ogden, UT; Millenium Technology Partners – Lake Geneva, WI; Yancey Wire and Cable – College Park, GA; JADE Engineering and Home Inspection – Huntsville, AL.


Christian Adventures International – Daytona Beach, FL; Christ Alive Christian Center – Bronx, NY; Word of Life Christian Center – Las Vegas, NV; Christ Church – Howell, NJ; Timothy Moore Ministries – Baltimore, MD; Winners Church – Jamaica, NY; Eagles Touch Ministries – Howell, NJ; Westmeade Baptist Church – Decatur, AL; The Rock Church – Tulsa, OK.


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